Transforming Mobility Management

Tens of Thousands of Dollars are lost in mobile medical equipment every month.
no longer

Railmo is changing the landscape of mobility equipment management through innovative, simple to use technology. Healthcare and airport transport teams will no longer struggle with accountability or waste time locating wheelchairs on campus. The Railmo system will allow organizations staff to store, check-out, locate and clean mobile equipment all from designated locations. Benefits also include:

  • Tracking
  • Availability
  • Transparency
  • Patient Flow
  • Self-Managing
  • Security
  • Sanitation
  • Time Gained
  • Accountability
  • Real Time Information
  • Infection Control
  • Consumer Satisfaction

Register all of your wheelchairs to a central database

Store, track, clean and manage all aspects of your mobility solutions

Save money, time and increase care for your patients

meet founder jeff homad

Jeff Homad is the driving force behind Railmo, a uniquely comprehensive approach to mobility equipment management. While earning his undergraduate degree at the University of South Carolina, Jeff balanced being a collegiate athlete and an involved member of the undergraduate community at South Carolina. After graduation, Jeff went on to earn a Master’s degree in Healthcare Administration and began his career working for an area hospital system.

Recognizing a need within the system to better manage and maintain the organization’s wheelchairs and mobility assistance equipment, Jeff endeavored to address the organization’s growing concerns. His ideas came to fruition as what is now called Railmo. It is a solution to a pervasive issue in healthcare organizations. It is designed to improve the security, accessibility, and maintenance of an organization’s mobility assistance equipment while concurrently recuperating lost revenues and enhancing the patient experience.

Mr. Homad can always be reached at

Jeff Homad, Founder of Railmo

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